DW The Beginning

The story so far…

“My songs are vehicles for storytelling, good, bad, pleasurable, life lessons.  Whatever speaks truth in living my reality I like to put into my work and has been the reasons for the songs in the first place,” says David Wachs (aka DW musically known).  “In contrast to my last two singles (“Work Ya” – G20 Music Group and “You and Me” – Flume.) which were both very tailored records, meaning they were very consciously crafted to project a very specific sound, my debut Album, “7”, is a return to what I have always done most naturally.” When asked what that is; “specifically”, a smiling DW replied, “Listen to the record.”

Indeed, “7” immediately strikes the listener as an emotionally honest yet sexy and purging album, and as a celebration of DW’s life long R&B and Hip-Hop influences such as Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dogg, and Pitt Bull, just to name a few. The albums first track, “Again”, showcases DW’s original blend of those classic American influences with that of DW’s own modern message and sound, while “Mine”, “Light Up”, and “Stack” vaunt a more R&B sound that is both classic and refreshing with the first listen.  Songs like “She Loyal” boast a healthy dose of Latin flavor, while “Whats Up” is splash of Indian tones.

DW recalls the life changes he’s weathered, particularly the culture shock of moving from the small Coachella Valley town of Palm Desert where he was raised to the major cities of Los Angeles. “I was this creative kid from an desert city confronted by this fast-paced, ultra-hip scene,” he recalls. “There was a lot of confusion and angst and just figuring myself out.  It was a struggle.  I’d gone to Los Angeles to “make it” and had no idea what I was doing.”

Not that this fish-out-of-water experience was completely new to DW.  For the first 18 years of his life, he was a constantly performing and entertaining people by dancing and showcasing his talents. “I wasn’t the only one to be doing it just one of the few guys,” he concedes, “but that definitely had its perks, and that was pretty fun, I know what it feels like to be picked out of a crowd.”

At the age of fifteen, DW was drawn to the piano and to the drum machine his father had in his music studio.  He loved creating beats to dance to.  He recalls, “It definitely doesn’t hurt to come from a musical family, in fact the bar was raised because my parents were such perfectionist.”

A few weeks after his high school graduation, DW relocated to Los Angeles where he quickly joined a dance agency in his new hometown. Before long he was dancing for big musical artists like Usher and Omarion, and eventually started performing his own shows, for a local benefit. “The club I played just kept asking me back,” he says. “So I made this CD, fully produced everything myself, just for fun(one day I’ll release it as a collectors item), and eventually stopped back up dancing and started performing my originals,” thus a solo career was born. “After a while, I went from small gigs, where you got paid in sandwiches it felt like, to opening for some bigger venues around LA (Avalon, Supper Club etc.).”

“I started redeveloping the concept of what I was doing,” DW says, then presiding over a few hole-in-the-wall nightclubs, The Joint and the Dragonfly to name a few. Within six months he had begun packing the clubs, drawing several hundred people a show. “In retrospect, I was leaving the Palm Desert guy behind and embracing the more edgy sound and personality of this new album”.

DW began the road to making “7” in the fall of 2018 with a phone call to producer Gabe over at Legion, founding member of the critically acclaimed Platinum producers of such artists as Kendrick Lamar, E40, 2 Chainz, and Snoop Dogg. Frustrated with his major label experiences DW wanted to return to what he felt he had always done best. “I began making music as a teenager, just making the kind of music that I love. That sort of roots/r&b/hip-hop thing, but with contemporary lyrics and a more experimental sound… At the time I didn’t even know who, if anyone, was gonna put the record out. But I knew I needed to record it. I felt like it was the record I should have always made. I scraped together my own money, called my producer Gabe and asked him if he wanted to make a record. Three Weeks later “7” was born”.

In the past DW has been known for his wild stage antics, lap dances, Michael Jackson moves, sexy dressed back-up dancers. DW even once had an impersonator perform on his behalf. But much in the way that “7” is a return to DW’s roots so too is his live performance in support of this new album. “The show will be much more intimate than some of the ones in the past. For the most part it will just be me and a DJ with the occasional accompaniment of perhaps an Drummer or even a couple dancers. But one of my favorite things is to just be up on stage alone, just me and my mic.”

He also cites one of his earlier artist friends for helping him see the big picture. “He taught me a lot about manipulation, not manipulating people, but manipulating the presentation. I learned how to conceptualize what I was doing, how to push buttons to provoke a reaction. It was a way of getting people to care about these songs and the sentiment behind them, which is very real and very personal.”

When asked the meaning behind the album’s title “7”, DW explained, “I was born on the 7th month of the year. my birthday is the 25th, which 2+5 equals 7 and it has 7 songs on the Album” DW laughs, “It just made sense!”, however cynical, that this record really represents who and what I am as a songwriter, as an artist. It suggests that if I only got to make one album, “7” would be it.”