Breaking Through Fear

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Fear is something that everyone at some point in there life has experienced or faced, I’m sure. It is created possibly from past experiences or past down from observing others. It’s completely driven from the ego and it’s attachment to judgment and material things. It’s also the #1 cause to not allowing you to reach your full potential or from stopping you from your biggest dreams and goals.
I’ve had to come to terms with this a lot in my life. As an entertainer you constantly question yourself, am I good enough? Will people like what I’m doing? Is this acceptable? All the fear based questions that can cause you to give up. Or even worse, surrounding yourself with people who embed fear in you with their insecurities projecting comments that can cripple you from not going, just doing, and being you.
Being mindful of this and not allowing yourself or anyone to dim your brightness is EVERYTHING!! Once you realize at the end of the day, if it’s not scaring the shit out of you then it’s probably not a big enough goal mentality, is when all the fear starts to go away. Fight or flight is a natural feeling for survival but at the end of the day when you connect with that peace within and have a true knowingness to what feels good within you, do not second guess that feeling. The outcome is meaningless but the journey is everything.
To everyone out there that’s reading this the biggest take away I can give you is to keep fighting the big fight and never give up! Know your enough and know that’s it’s ok to walk away from people or things that aren’t adding to your life. Everyone will have an opinion but yours is the most important. Listen to your gut and don’t attach yourself to any of it. Just keep going and I promise you in the end it will
all be worth it.
Fear is the enemy and the mind controls it. Have prospective and break free, you deserve greatness!

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