The Strength Of a FAN

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Strength Of A Fan

In a world of so much outreach, to me, it is important to identify with the true meaning of the word, FAN. The relationship, importance, and connection one has with an artist. Personally, I’ve been a Fan to many great musical artists and there is nothing like discovering someone new who excites you. This artist may move you, captivate and inspire you. Imagine discovering this artist, creating a special bond then going on this amazing journey with them for years to come.

Being in entertainment for several years, I’ve always enjoyed the intricacies and aspects of watching something grow from nothing into what they call “a work of art”. That’s why I love music! Whether it be singing on a microphone, writing lyrics, or producing the music from the ground up. I realized that in order to find my own identity in music I had to imitate, to emulate, to finally radiate my own individuality/creativity.  Now that was definitely a process in itself; to truly channel my own unique expressions. Using my portal to activate things that move me and connect them in this universal field we call life. I put my heart, blood, sweat, and tears into my artistry. Anyone who knows me would say how passionate I am about creation, just being as real and genuine with everything I do. Tapping into something so scared, so personal then to be able to manifest it into reality is something that empowers my soul. It’s what I live for.

Now I’ve realized more and more that artistry and creativity is just part of the process.  The other part is the listener, that witnessing presence.  Imagine if “The Fan” was never there to understand,  interpret and spread the word about an artist.  Could one ever be Iconic?   At the same time, how selfish would the greats be if they never released their art to the world.  If Beethoven never put his hands on the piano in front of people or if Michael Jackson never showed off his famous Moonwalk… How could ones art ever connect? The discovery, the feeling, the reaction from people is what most artists live for and I believe what most Fans are searching for. 

In a world that can be filled with so much chaos and stress it’s great to have an outlet.  Even if it’s just 5 mins to listen to a song you enjoy, that TV show you like, or maybe your favorite movie.  It’s all so connected and enriching to the soul.  That being said, it’s so important to support those that you care about and believe in.  Which is why I must say putting together my first album “7” has truly humbled me.  I’m so proud to finally be able to release it and to experience this journey with you all!  The collaborations, the music and the overall feeling I get from it has been such a blessing.

If it truly has an effect on you then please join this movement and buy it now for $7.  Share it, spread the word, and let people know you were the first to find it.  I also would love to hear what you think so please leave me a comment, because at the end of the day, it’s up to you, the listener, the Fan,  to make all of this matter.

I appreciate you more than you know!


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  • Sami B says:

    I enjoy reading your blogs. You speak from the heart & I feel connected through your words. During these hard times, it is important we stick together to support one another no matter what their dreams are. I’m here to stay a Fan & watch your music career flourish knowing I was able to be a part of this.

    Thank DW for the inspiration!

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